Discover Bulgaria through our real estate investment projects

What is the nature of our real estate business?

We ARRANGE REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS ... We are engaged in purchasing mainly buildings and other old properties (apartments, single-family houses, farms, construction lands, barns, garages, warehouses, factories, etc.) whatever their condition, even if it is very poor, to rebuild and renovate them or even completely transform them into more beautiful places but also make them comply with the specified requirements and then resell them to individual owners according to market goals. We buy old buildings, commercial walls, apartments and farms located near water supply networks, rivers, etc., preferably in SOFIA (the capital of Bulgaria) and its periphery.

What properties do we prefer?

We buy old buildings, commercial walls, farms, land and all types of real estate in the centre of SOFIA and its periphery, within a radius of maximum 50 km. After receiving an offer from an owner, we visit the property, make a preliminary assessment and a cadastral survey and we quickly make an offer for a purchase price. We prepare the offer for a purchase price for free. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Mix business with pleasure...

Bulgaria is a country which is worth visiting

Bulgaria is much more than a place to stay. It is rather a holiday destination and has the ideal tourist profile. Bulgaria impresses with its rich cultural heritage, traditions and crafts, natural landscape diversity, high-quality national cuisine and exceptional wines. Bulgaria has a population of 8 million people, with 1.4 million living in the capital. Sofia is a political, cultural and tourist capital of Bulgaria. There are superb streets, impressive historical monuments, museums and places to relax. Vitosha Boulevard is the city’s thoroughfare. This is a pedestrian area with many restaurants, bars, terraces and shops. Nearby are the hills of Vitosha Mountain, suitable for walking, tourism, mountaineering and skiing. The wooded surroundings of the mountain range can be reached by public transport in about forty-five minutes. Vitosha allows you to enjoy ski runs in the winter and wonderful landscapes in the summer.

For diehard fans and passionate players of gambling games, there are a lot of casinos in Sofia and other cities of Bulgaria. Although Bulgaria is one of the poorest countries in the European Union, its gambling market has been booming for several years now. Time difference compared to France is +1 hour. It takes 2 hours and a half to get from Sofia to Paris by plane. Other cities near Sofia are: Bucharest (295 km), Belgrade (327 km), Varna on the Black Sea coast (378 km), Sarajevo (421 km), Istanbul (547 km), Budapest (630 km), Athens (793 km).

ECS pays cash for your real estate!
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